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Wooden Toys

Explore our wooden toys collection. Stimulate your children's senses as they touch, feel and explore the natural texture of wooden toys.

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With so many toys to choose from, it can be a challenge to choose the best ones for your child. Ideally, the toy should be affordable, durable, and safe. It should also, if possible, be also a tool for learning and help the child gain simple skills like counting, learning the alphabet, solving puzzles and more. Wooden toys fit all these categories and are one of the best toys your child can have.

Wooden toys inspire creativity and imagination. They are “open-ended” toys, meaning there are different ways to play with it, pushing your child’s imagination to create various scenarios while playing with the toys,

Wooden toys also help develop problem-solving skills. The texture, size, and volume are great teachers for touch and exploration.

Another benefit of using wooden toys is that they are more eco-friendly compared to plastic toys, Plastic toys require more fuel to create, while wooden toys are organic and do not carry any unwanted chemicals.

At My Toy Hub, we have a variety of wooden toys suited for children of different ages.

Do you want to help improve your child’s memory? The Wooden Memory Match Board Game is a wonderful indoor game as it not only helps the memory but also boosts hand dexterity. It can also be a game for the whole family, which makes it more fun.

Young ones will enjoy remembering the different photos in this Wooden Memory Board Game. Not only will it help sharpen the memory, it is also a great way to learn new words and identify different colors.

For babies 0-24 months old, the Wooden Rattle Rings Collection are great toys to enjoy. The smooth circular handle is easy to grip and just the right size for small hands. You can also hang it on the side of the crib to keep your baby amused while relaxing in her crib.

Help enhance your child’s spatial ability through this Wooden Magnetic 3D Puzzle Jigsaw Tangram. Tangram is a learning tool to help young learners develop visual and spatial skills, and critical thinking skills. It features seven flat polygons which can be put together to make different shapes.

We also have a version of the classic wooden block. The wooden toy building shape blocks can be turned into anything your child wants it to be. This is the best toy to teach about shapes and encourage eye to hand coordination.

Help your child learn about time, numbers., and puzzles with our wooden toy clock and math counting numbers. This toy provides plenty of opportunities for fun and learning!

Are you looking for something quite different from the usual wooden blocks? Try the wooden rainbow building toy blocks.

Encourage your child’s interest in cooking with the wooden breakfast and baking set. This toy set will help your child be more familiar with the kitchen. Or if still want the fun kitchen set but prefer a more compact kitchen toy, the Wooden Pizza toy set is just as great.

As you can see, there are many different wood toys to choose from! Not only do they bring happiness, they help sharpen skills, too.

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