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Remote Controlled

A great source of enjoyment is what you will get from our RC toys!

Remote control cars are for the young and young-at-heart. These cars bring so much fun and excitement. They are also great for improving visual-motor coordination. Driving a small car using remote control requires excellent coordination between the hands and the eyes. Although young children will need to be supervised while playing with a remote control car, the joy and thrill you’ll see on their faces when they play are worth the time watching and taking care of them.

Here at My Toy Hub, we offer RC Construction Trucks like Excavator, Roller, and Front leader. Children who are fascinated by engineering and construction will surely appreciate the beauty of these rc cars nz. Because it is a remote control, your child can sit comfortably on the chair and watch the car move to different places.

RC Buggy cars can easily be counted as a favorite among young children. Detailed down to the last ridge of the wheel , remote control buggy cars can be costly. Driving your car through its one hand remote control, you can see how fast it moves, and this can be really exciting not just for children but also for the adults.

Monster trucks is another favorite car. One of the perks of a rc car is it can be played inside or outside. Many young boys like creating mini obstacle courses for monster trucks. It can be a thrilling experience to see the truck flatten and overcome obstacles.

Out X-Savage 2 Monster Truck is a great gift to a child who loves cars. To optimse the happines it brings, take it outside and take turns playing it with your family!

Do you have a child who loves speed? The Mad Runner X Speed moves at its own high speed, it’s like watching the formula race, only this time it is your hand on the remote control. This type of remote car is made of plastic and PVC.

One of our unique toys is the Dogbot - a robot dog controlled by the remote control. The wheels can go forward, backward, left, right, make a 360 degree and do backward steering. It also features a fingerprinting sensor on its tail which you can turn on for automatic demonstration. Dogboat also records and plays music.

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