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Pool Inflatables

Summer will be here before you know it. Our pool toys are here to guarantee to make your summer extra exciting. Have a peek in this collection and get the ones that you adore.

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The best way to keep cool on a hot summer day is swimming. If you have a pool or you’re lucky enough to have access to one, make sure you maximise your use of it!

A really comfortable pool float can help you get the most of the water and create lasting summer memories. If you have children in the house, pool floats are a must, especially if the kids are not yet good swimmers.

Luckily there are different pool inflatable toys to choose from for both big kids and toddlers. There are also pool inflatables that double as pool toys.

Looking for pool accessories can be confusing as there are so many to choose from, but remember to buy the right size because many of these inflatables are weight dependent. You also want pool toys that offer support as your kids play and splash about.

Though these toys are inflatables and will help your child stay afloat, it is important to stress that adult supervision is essential for children’s safety.

Check out our pool toys and their features and choose the best for your little ones. We have inflatable ring floats, floating balls, arm floaties, and more.

The Inflatable Seat Ring Float is an easy to inflate and deflate seat float that is best for kids ages 1 -3 years old. It allows the child to sit upright securely and play with the water with their hand while also kicking their legs. This toy will keep your child partially submerged in the water while also providing a feeling of independence. The Inflatable Seat Ring Float is available in three different colors - pink, green, and blue.

The Inflatable Kids Ring Car Design is a pool toy that also doubles as a car and is best for children ages 1-3. It features a steering wheel and is ideal for babies who adore both water and vehicles. This pool toy is easy to inflate and deflate, making it convenient to take anywhere for your vacation trips.

Another inflatable swim accessory that’s great for children ages 3-6 is the animal arm floaties. Not only will these swim accessories keep your child buoy and floating in the water, it also develops confidence, and children can feel secure as they learn how to swim. Choose a wide variety of animals, from bugs to crabs to unicorns and more!

Older children will also love the convenience of inflatable rings like the Donut Swimming Rings. Created from PVC materials and with a 60-70 cm outer diameter, this swim accessory is best for relaxing in the pool while soaking up the sunshine.

Create fun pool parties for kids with floating Balls and other cool toys like the Basketball Hoop with Ring Toss, Cross Ring Toss, and the Inflatable Water Wheel. The floating balls are the perfect size for small hands, and their different designs make them more attractive. For bigger boys, the basketball hoop, ring toss, and water wheel add another level of fun.

Make your summer extra exciting with our pool inflatables NZ.

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