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Bath Toys

Have fun and connect with the whole family with our different family game toys!

Bath time should be a fun time!

Bath time may not be your child's favorite activity of the day. But with the right bath toys, you can transform the bath experience into something fun and exciting. You can make it an exploratory time where the child can have the amazing sensory experience of being surrounded by water.

Our bath time toy essentials will help make a better bath experience for your child. Having a few toys during bathtime makes it a great experience not just for washing but also for learning and exploration. With the right toys, bath time will be an enjoyable experience your child will look forward to everyday.

What are some toys you can add to help your child get excited for bath time?

Some children feel uncomfortable with water coming from a great height over their head (from their perspective). Others are afraid of getting in the tub. Some don’t like getting their head wet. If your child is one of these, don’t worry. Children don’t like anything they are not familiar with.

Help them have a more enjoyable bath experience through different toys. Introduce them to toys with water spray so they can get used to the idea of water spouting out of the shower, but only on a smaller scale. Some examples of this kind of toy are The Rocket Water Spray and the Sunflower Water Sprinkle.

The Rocket Water Spray creates a small rotating shower that's both fun and exciting for kids. Because they can control the height and can actually touch the holes where the water is coming from, this toy makes showers a fun activity for them. The Rocket Water Spray is best for children 18 months old and above as they already have good head and hand control.

The Sunflower Water Sprinkler keeps your child entertained in the shower. Just place it anywhere in the tub, help your child push the pressure button and watch with delight as the water sprays out every time. This bath toy is great for children two years old and above.

For children who are afraid of getting in the tub, colorful toys already in the tub can help entice them to get in. Toys like Bath Egg Sprinklers, Flower Sprinkler, and Sea Buddies are colorful and great toys to play with while in the water.

Kids love hide-and-seek toys, and the Bath Egg Sprinklers can easily turn out to be a favourite bath toy. Dip these little eggs in the water and watch them hatch! The eggs are smooth to touch so it's safe to play with during bath time. This toy is also eco-friendly, durable and of high quality. Bath Egg Sprinklers is recommended for kids 12 months old and above.

Make your baby’s bathing experience more enjoyable by adding water wheels to your roster of favourite bath toys. The Flower Sprinker is ideal for babies 12 months and above.

The Sea Buddies is a fun toy that will give your child a bubby time while enjoying 12 nursery rhymes. Choose from bubble Crab, Froggie and Whale. This toy is ideal for children 18 months and above.

If you are looking for a way to bring two or more children to bath time, a Water Elephant Gun may be a great idea! This gun is flexible, too. You can take it outside and let your children enjoy water fight adventures in the backyard.

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