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Baby Toys

Give your babies the sensory experience through toys.

Playtime is essential in a baby's development. It helps in the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth of the baby. Through playtime, babies learn about themselves and the world surrounding them. Since babies are in the process of getting to know everything around them, they need baby toys that will help develop eye coordination. strenghten their eye coordination, create different sounds, and more.

Playtime isn't just for babies. It's also a great opportunity for the parents to interact with their babies and reach important milestones. Babies love social interaction, and playing gives them the opportunity to interact with other children or adults in their lives.

Our baby toys category has about 27 items and is meant for 0 - 1-year-olds. They are safe, age appropriate and affordable.

Watch Zebra, Cow and Robot Dog baby tumblers show their various movements as they play nursery rhymes. They are also easy to grab and shake, making them a good toy to practice gripping.

For a multi-sensory toy that can stimulate all senses and improve hand-coordination, fine motor skills, and enhance your childโ€™s musical intelligence, the Activity Cube is the answer. This toy helps children 18 months old and above to gain a better understanding of colour and shape. It is also colorful which makes it a new learning experience. You can start teaching colors as early as you can.

Is your child fascinated by cars? My Transport Buddies Set offers a complete set of play transportation. Pull them backwards, release, and watch how fast they move. Better yet, these cars do not need batteries so you can take them anywhere.

This coming holiday season gives your baby another reason to be happy. Baby Hand Play Drums allows your child to make music. The sleep time can also be converted into a lamp that gives off soothing sounds. Best yet, this drum set can be played with children as young as 0 months old.

The Baby Game Controller is another excellent toy to practice grip and learn colours. It also fits easily in a bag so your child can carry it anywhere. Push the different buttons and find out if it plays music which is naturally entertaining for babies.

Soft animals/ Dinosaur Building Blocks features bright colors and different animals which makes it a great addition to playtime. This baby toy NZ is not just for fun, it is also an exercise in finding similarities and differences in animals. This toy is for babies 18 months old and older.

Introduce different colours and road signs as early as 18 months old! The slide car ramp baby toy is a three-level colourful ramp with two cars that go sliding down the ramp.

Babies love to mimic adults, and what better way to make driving fun than Baby Steering Wheel. This toy has different buttons your child can push, twist, steer, and more!

The Duck Rattle is a beautiful beginner toy for babies from 0 to 12 months. The long plastic neck makes it easy to grab and shake, and the two duck heads make a lot of noise, a grood source of fun for babies.

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