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How we use our wooden rainbow building blocks

Many parents have probably come across or seen a wooden rainbow building toy blocks.🌈

Yes, they are those pretty toys that are usually spotted in different social media advertisements that sells different things for kids.

Wooden Rainbow Building Toy Blocks - My Toy Hub

But there’s a lot more that you can get from those blocks apart from being too pleasing for the eyes because of their aesthetic quality and I will share with you everything about them shortly!

I first encounter these blocks at the daycare where my child attends to.

Every morning that I’d walk in to drop my child off they would always get my attention whether they’re still nicely placed on the table or on the little stand on the corner of their classroom or simply when being played by other children.

I commented once on how they look so nice and turns out that my very own child has been liking them a lot and spending so much time playing with them.

According to the teacher she is also learning about the creativeness of my child because of the many things that he is able to make by playing with those rainbow blocks.

 Children playing toys

I, as a mother, of course always support the interests of my child and one way of doing that is to extend those interests even at home.

And come on, handing our children toys and resources that they will actually play for a long time at home is a celebration for us because of the little bit of downtime it will give us, right? Or maybe not! Lol! 😂

Anyway, moving forward a couple of weeks later I saw those rainbow blocks online and I said to myself, “Yep! Truly, we are going to have them at home. I based my decision on what my child’s teacher reported to me.

And yes, I admit, it’s also because I find them really nice to look at and I thought they would be a nice little decoration in my child’s bedroom.

So, the day finally came that we got them! Taadaa! I guess both me and my child are very excited upon opening them.

Wooden box 

But to tell you honestly since we got them it really surprised me when I’ve witnessed all the amazing creations my child was able to make using the rainbow wooden blocks.

It’s like everything his teacher told me came to life right in front of my eyes and I am just so glad I actually bought them.

Let me share with you some of the things we did when we both played the rainbow blocks!

First, let’s talk about imagination and creativity. Please don’t judge this mama right here but yes, and BIG YES, I do allow my child for screen time and his current favourite is about this boy who does car washing.

I promise you it’s actually cute. Anyway, so he is into role playing because of that show which made him create his very own car wash booth.

How did we do that, you ask?

Well, it’s just mainly him who did it haha and by using the blocks he made his own car wash booth.

He would line them up on both sides and make a roof and will grab his toy cars and make them pass under the “car wash”.

Red car wash

Oh, and by the way since London Bridge is his current favourite song his car wash booth ended up as the London Bridge and those little cars that were having a wash in the beginning somehow managed to be on top of a booth shifted to bridge and ended up falling down. Oh well!

Second is learning about Maths. My little boy and I love this one bit. We would spend a long time arranging the wooden blocks from big to small or vice versa.

Sometimes we would challenge each other, oh yes even though this mama lacks very much in the creative department, I sure am a competitive one and my boy got it from no one else but me! 😊

Anyhow, so the game would be the fastest one to arrange accordingly. I wouldn’t bother sharing who wins most of time. Lol!

Apart from learning about sizes while playing, we also learn about colours. Pretty self-explanatory being it called the rainbow but on a serious note, it is a nice way to introduce the names of the colours to a toddler. And remember to sing the Rainbow song too, okay? It will be fun I assure you!

Rainbow colours

Third is I can say it’s all about some good problem-solving skills and patience too! Building, stacking, balancing…

Yes, they all became part of the good stuff that my child played through those rainbow blocks. To be honest some of them I didn’t even think of being possible until I saw my child doing them.

Play word in stacked building blocks

The fourth and final thing I would love to share is the free play that he’d do with them.

One example of play that never gets old is his little world of dinosaur. He would create dinosaur houses out of the wooden blocks and from there his pretend play would just run wild and it’s just very amazing to watch.

Dinosaur cartoon

Okay… So, this basically wraps up my not so little review of the wooden rainbow building blocks. I never regret buying them and I realized that as I write this review, all the more I feel great about the particular toy. 🥰 

And I guess that’s it, it’s not just a toy or a nice decorative item in my child’s room but it’s a great educational tool for him while he plays with them.

The things he could or think can be endless and as a mother I know that experiences like this is very important for his development.

My child loves the toy, so do I. So, if you ever come across a wooden rainbow building toy blocks and your child, or maybe you know a child, or know someone who has a child who is pretty much drawn or interested in that toy, I suggest get it.

You never know what they can do and learn from it. You’ll be surprised, just probably how my child surprised me with his own wooden rainbow building toy blocks. 😊

- End -

Do you have similar experience like her? Please share and leave your comments below! 🙌🏻

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